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FilmOneFest 2018 Volunteer Staff

FilmOneFest gratefully acknowledges the dedication and passion of our Volunteer Staff!

FilmOneFest Committee

Alex Nicholas – Submissions, Website, Video Production

Anne Milling – Volunteers Chair, Benefit Dinner

Anthony Varlese – Public Relations, Internship

Bill Howard – Steering, Chair Music, Website, Video Production

Brenda Hodgkiss – Submissions, Benefit Dinner, Vendors co-chair

Brian Murphy – Project Manager

Carmen Craner  - Hospitality Tent, Benefit Dinner

Caroline Margolick – Sponsor Coordinator Graphics Event Program

Cierra Giehl – Submissions, Social Media, Day of Volunteer

Corinna Thuss - Managing Director, Fundraising

Donna Steinhorn – Public Relations, Intern Coordinator

Elyse Rosati – Website

Frank Allsman – Fundraising

Gedney Webb – Submissions Committee, Judge

Heather Halzcli – Public Relations, Internship

James Gregg - Judge

Janice Miller - Hospitality Tent

John Warden – Video Production, Day of Volunteer

Jon Crowley - Steering, Co-MC

Karyn Merrill - Launch Party, Movie Premiere Coordinator

Katie Gehlhaus – Launch Party, Hospitality

Leah Chapman - Steering, Video production Chair

Lisa Sanders – Business Administrator, Day of Volunteer

Lori Montana – Submissions, Vendors committee

Marie Jackson – Co-MC

Marianne Largey – Sponsorship, Benefit Dinner

Mark DeYoung – Submissions, Video Production

Mary Lynn Hughes - Day of Volunteer, Benefit Dinner 

Matthew Leddin - Stage Manager, Tech support

Mike Scherfen- Graphic Design, Event Program, Submissions

Olga Mackin -  Benefit dinner, Vendors Co-chair

Randi LeGrice - Hospitality Tent, Benefit Dinner

Robert O’Connor - Founding & Creative Dir., Submissions, Video

Sally Stopper – AHAC President, Photographer

Stephanie Ladiana - Steering, Treasurer, Day of Volunteer

Susan Littenberg – Submissions Committee, Judge

Suzanne Guenther – Hospitality Chair, VIP Seating

Tom Churak – Submissions, Graphic Designer Event Program

Victor Zak – Food Pantry & Non-Profit Org. Coordinator, Judge

Day of Volunteers

Beth Bertekap – Day of Volunteer

Bob Milling – Benefit Dinner, Day of Volunteer

Gina Cioffi – Day of Volunteer

Ginger Lollos - Day of Volunteer

Jack Crowley – Day of Volunteer

Jayne Kelley – Day of Volunteer

John Lollos – Day of Volunteer

Judy Burke -  Day of Volunteer

Kurt Guenther - Day of Volunteer

Linda Frasciello - Day of Volunteer

Liz McEnroe – Day of Volunteer

Maggie Moro - Day of Volunteer

Marilyn Scherfen – Day of Volunteer 

Olivia Sanders – Day of Volunteer

Phil Frasciello- Day of Volunteer,

Ray McHose – Day of Volunteer

Rich Lerner - Day of Volunteer, 

Roberta Jackson – Day of Volunteer

Sherwin Klass – Day of Volunteer

Susan Boracchia – Day of Volunteer