Thanks to everyone who took part in FilmOneFest 2018!

2018 FilmOneFest Awards


Jury Award - Korey Miracle, “Emit”, Judge Jon Crowley

Jury Award - Kylie Murphy, “Advertocil”, Judge Susan Littenberg

Jury Award - Justin Plasse, “Fathom”, Judge Gedney Webb

Jury Award - Jin Ryu, “Megan”, Judge James Gregg

Jury Award - Kam Duv, “Create Your Love”, Judge Victor Zak

Directors’ Choice Award - Nick Sneath, “The Water’s Edge”, Directors Robert O’Connor and Corinna Thuss

Julie Gartenberg Memorial Award - Leszek Mozga, “Mind of an Artist: Don McCullin”, Directors Robert O’Connor and Corinna Thuss

Best Animation Award - Jaume Quiles and Olga Poliektova, “Chiripajas

Honorable Mention - Vinamra Pancharia, “Unsung Hero”, Judge Jon Crowley

Honorable Mention - Nick Sneath, “The Water’s Edge”, Judge Gedney Webb

Honorable Mention - Kylie Murphy, “Advertocil”, Judge Jon Crowley

Honorable Mention - Prajdnik Awasthi, “Faceless”, Judge Susan Littenberg

Honorable Mention - Jaume Quiles and Olga Poliektova, “Chiripajas”, Judge Victor Zak

Honorable Mention - Kam Duv, “Create Your Love”, Judge James Gregg

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