2017 FilmOneFest Winners

Clementine Campos, France, Patouille, Best Animation

Eloise Priou, France, Unsatisfying, Honorable Mention

Tom Bracone, USA, A Day in the Life, Jury Award

Mustufa Sodagar, Turkey, Perplexed, Film Slam Competition 3rd Place

Jerry McGiffin, Australia, Joan, Jury Award

Kaveh Jahed, Iran, A Share of Share, Jury Award

Sean Lattrell, USA, Sweet Salute: In Berlin, He Dropped Candy Not Bombs, Jury Award

Thomas Leonard, USA, Navigating Us, Film Slam Competition 2nd Place

Gregory Lovett, Netherlands, Delay, Deny, Hope You Die, Honorable Mention

Rich Elliot, USA, The Keeper, Film Slam Competition 1st Place & Audience Choice Award

Alhusain Nasibah, Qatar, At Least What I Think, Honorable , Mention

Laura Lazarescu-Thois, Romania, Reversible, Honorable Mention

Alexia Bourne-Maison, France, Our Best Years, Honorable Mention

Mikhail Khodanovich, Kazakhstan, Salvation, Jury Award

Jack Haggerty, USA, The First Step, Honorable Mention

Kerrin Keiser, USA, Ursa Major, FilmYoungFest Award

Dominick Sena, Lucas Lovallo, and Raymond Jannuzzi, USA, Swamp Monster Attack, FilmYoungFest Audience Choice Award

Fabian Driehorst, Germany, The Coup, Directors' Choice Award

2016 FilmOneFest Winners

Ryan Mack, USA, "Otto" The Letter, Jury Award

Lionel Nakache, France, I've Grown Up, Jury Award

Reza Golchin, Iran, Class, Jury Award

Frederica Raffin, Italy, Italy 2050, Honorable Mention

Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran, 1-0, Honorable Mention

Steve Kirby, United Kingdom, If the Cuckoo Don't Crow, Directors' Choice Award & Honorable Mention, 

Tanner Morrison, USA, Moments, Honorable Mention

Bartek Tryzna, Poland, Wojtek, Honorable Mention

Martin Heck, Germany, 2015, Jury Award, 

Hannah Jacobs, United Kingdom, Success, Jury Award

Anton Verstakov, Russia, One Minute, Gartenberg Memorial Award

Ninian Doff, United Kingdom, Cool Unicorn Bruv, Jury Award

Alyssa Asaro, CanadaSpliced, Young Filmmaker Award

2015 FilmOneFest Winners

Chris Shimojima, USA, When You Say You're a Swimmer, Director's Choice

Alise Munson, USA, A Tale of Momentum and Inertia, Best Animation

Will Herbert, United Kingdom, Flash, Jury Award

Andre Marques, Portugal, Grandpa (O Avô), Jury Award

Alex  Rose, USA, New Apartment, Jury Award

PES, USA, The Deep, Honorable Mention

Kristina Grozeva, Bulgaria, GAME, Jury Award

Louis De Caunes, France, Haut Vol,Jury Award

Andre Maat, Germany, Woodoo, Honorable Mention

Ewan Drum, USA, Super Ewan: Make a Difference, FilmYoungFest Award

Mike Boylan, USA, Scenes from the Atlantic Highlands Front Porch Club 10th Annual Chilifest, Jury Award

Thom Trigger, United Kingdom, Tiny Worlds, Honorable Mention