The 24 Hour Film Slam

Make a Film in 24 Hours!

Join us for a wild and fun day of creative filmmaking!  

Put a team together and compete against fellow filmmakers for cash prizes and a chance for your film to be included in FilmOneFest.  

Teams are given an assignment (a prop, a location and a line of dialog) and they have 24 hours to create a super short film (under 2mins). 

Past Winners

Film Slam 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated!

On April 21st, Film Slam contestants provided their films which were made within 24 hours after receiving the 3 criteria the night before. 

2018 24 Hour Film Slam Winners

1st Place

Team Kevjack Manberg with their winning film “A Bird Obscured” 

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2nd Place

Team Popcorn Playaz Cole Vallis of Norwood NJ, Mercedes Griffeth of Malvern Ar and Luke Falkenstern of Norwood NJ with their movie “Brother”

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3rd Place

The Bagsville Initiative. Ryan Barry of Eatontown, NJ, Nick Hiltwein of Colonia, NJ, Lauren Perez of Iselin, NJ, Jeanine Laviola, Keith Laviola of Neptune City, NJ, Maria Coppinger of Belford, NJ, Rich Elliot of Belford, NJ

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People's Choice

MCM Films. Michael Manheimer, Victoria Regine, Thomas Hernandez, Alexandra James, and Carly Vena