The 24 Hour Film Slam

Make a Film in 24 Hours!

Join us for a wild and fun day of creative filmmaking!  

Put a team together and compete against fellow filmmakers for cash prizes and a chance for your film to be included in FilmOneFest.  

Teams are given an assignment (a prop, a location and a line of dialog) and they have 24 hours to create a super short film (under 2mins). 

Film Slam 2018

April 20, 2018 at 7PM at Monmouth University

Join us for the 3rd Annual 24hr Film Slam!  Better yet, put a team together and join the fun of creating a film in one day!  We are excited to announce that this year’s film slam will be a joint venture with Monmouth University - highlighting their commitment to the arts and local community. The University will be sharing in the management and execution of one of the most popular special events of FilmOneFest and they will host the final screening at the University’s Wood Theater. 

How it works:

Form a team and register through our website.  Then show up at the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council Gallery (54 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands) on Friday, April 20th at 7pm or, if you are participating virtually, monitor our website and FB page for the kickoff “assignment”.  

At exactly 7:30pm on Friday, the “assignment” will be given to all the teams and posted on our website and FB page - the assignment includes:

1)  A Location

2) A Prop

3) and a Line of Dialogue

Teams will have exactly 24 hours to create a super short film (under 2 minutes).  All teams must bring their film to the Wood Theater (400 Cedar Ave, West Long Branch, NJ) or upload it if participating virtually, by 7:30pm, Saturday, April 21st.  Films will be screened beginning at 8pm and judged by our FilmOneFest judging panel based on the creative inclusion of the assignment items.  The top three films will be automatically accepted into FilmOneFest 2018.

Registration information coming soon!

For more information please email