About the Film

Super Life let’s you experience an entire life time in 46 seconds! From your very first steps to your very last, see all the thrills of adolescence, the decisions of adulthood and the joys of retirement! Coming soon to arcades and home entertainment systems everywhere. Maybe.

Eben Mccue

City: Portland
State: Maine
Country: United States

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An Interview with Eben Mccue

What has been a real high point point for you in creating this film? What excites you about your submission to the FilmOneFest?
I made this short animation for a 70 foot tall screen outside of the convention center in Boston. It had 8 screens total, so I tried to make the entire presentation look like a 3D, old school wooden arcade cabinet. Hopefully the show goers at PAX East enjoyed it.
A questions about “One Minute” films: As you think about one minute films, what kinds of possibilities are there for this medium? What does it mean to you particularly?

I love working with a time constraint. These days, people’s attention span is extremely limited, myself included. I like the challenge of engaging someone immediately, entertaining them thoroughly, and leaving them with a little something to consider once they’ve walked away.
Talk a little about your influences: If you think about the gifts and skills you bring to film-making, what do you find energizes you most? What inspires you or compels you in your art form, and in what ways are you inspired?

My film was obviously heavily influenced by the simple age of video games, back in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s incredible how much you can achieve with only a handful of pixels per character.