About the Film

Release is film that I made to challenge myself as a filmmaker. I wanted to make a short short that showed two developed characters interacting with one another in an unusual place with a lot of sub-context. Film is a visual medium, and that fact guided me in writing a super short film with a lot of sub-context.

Christian Lamorte

City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Country: United States

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An Interview with Christian Lamorte

What has been a real high point point for you in creating this film? What excites you about your submission to the FilmOneFest?
A questions about “One Minute” films: As you think about one minute films, what kinds of possibilities are there for this medium? What does it mean to you particularly?

Shot this with $2 budget and 2 people on crew, including myself. I seem to be able to make good quality work for very little money, and it boggles my mind how a lot of people think they need a lot of money to make good films. Filmmaking is just as much problem solving as having a good idea.
Talk a little about your influences: If you think about the gifts and skills you bring to film-making, what do you find energizes you most? What inspires you or compels you in your art form, and in what ways are you inspired?

I am inspired by my ambition and drive to make a better film then the previous. Usually, I just go with whatever feeling, look, story, characters, or music I’m obsess with. It starts from one or more than one of those.