One month ago, FilmOneFest brought over 2,000 artists, families, and film fans together for an evening of sharing and celebration of the short film. With the success of 2015’s festival, we here at FilmOneFest and the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council would like to thank everyone for their participation in our 8th year and to continue sharing the best of what the filmmmakers have to offer.

Four films took home Jury Awards at this year’s festival, including an In Focus favorite, “O Avo” (Grandpa). This beautiful Portuguese short by director André Marques explores the daily joy and struggle of a grandparent. Delicate cinematography and fantastic choices in editing, scoring, and casting combine to create a short film filled with warmth and honesty. You can read an interview with Marques about the short over at Cineuropa.

Be sure to watch “Grandpa” and see our full list of 2015 winners here. As the summer winds down and we prepare for next year’s festival, you can keep up with everything happening on our Facebook, Twitter, and website. Happy filming, happy watching!