About the Film

This little film was the result of a weekend workshop to show our students the filmmaking process from beginning to end. We just wanted to do something that was quick, fun and funny. The concept was inspired by combination of Loony Tunes and Andrew Kramer’s tutorials on videocopilot.net

Matthew Thayer

City: Redding
State: California
Country: United States

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An Interview with Matthew Thayer

What has been a real high point point for you in creating this film? What excites you about your submission to the FilmOneFest?
The high point of this film was finding the exact bath robe and bunny slippers I envisioned at Salvation Army the morning of the shoot.
A questions about “One Minute” films: As you think about one minute films, what kinds of possibilities are there for this medium? What does it mean to you particularly?

One minute films are an amazing exercise in brevity and visual impact. It truly forces the artist to adhere to the first rule of filmmaking: Show, Don’t Tell.
Talk a little about your influences: If you think about the gifts and skills you bring to film-making, what do you find energizes you most? What inspires you or compels you in your art form, and in what ways are you inspired?

My influences are the visual greats like Coppola, Lean, Spielberg, WIlder and Wells.