About the Film

I wrote and directed this film to emphasize the importance of empathy. The Lonely Monster is about a little girl who calls on the help of other filmmakers to raise awareness on bullying.

Why I chose FilmOneFest is because of its outreach and venue. Having been a fan of previous winners of the festival, it would be an honor to have The Lonely Monster screened at the event.

Philip Leung

City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

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An Interview with Philip Leung

What has been a real high point point for you in creating this film? What excites you about your submission to the FilmOneFest?
Getting dozens of people together to do something creative has always been the most enjoyable part of the process.
A questions about “One Minute” films: As you think about one minute films, what kinds of possibilities are there for this medium? What does it mean to you particularly?

As consumers are enjoying entertainment at shorter and shorter lengths, this medium is the future.
Talk a little about your influences: If you think about the gifts and skills you bring to film-making, what do you find energizes you most? What inspires you or compels you in your art form, and in what ways are you inspired?

Filmmakers that are innovative influence me. Richard Linklater, Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry just to name a few.