About the Film

For my first adventure into hand drawn filmmaking I wanted to focus solely on the medium, but still create a narrative that holds the viewer’s intrigue until the very end. Hammer & Hand follows the mysterious journey of one man creating something bigger and better than himself. I am excited and grateful to share my passion project with an audience that loves this medium of expression as much as I do. Thank you.

Colin Hesterly

City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States

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An Interview with Colin Hesterly

What has been a real high point point for you in creating this film? What excites you about your submission to the FilmOneFest?
Honestly, the most exciting thing about this film has been fulfilling a life-long dream of working within the realm of traditional animation. I love “short” short films!
A questions about “One Minute” films: As you think about one minute films, what kinds of possibilities are there for this medium? What does it mean to you particularly?

One of the great things about short films like this are resources, it honestly doesn’t take more that an idea and carving out some time to execute it. I truly believe that practice makes perfect, and with a one minute film I am able to move quickly from film to film.
Talk a little about your influences: If you think about the gifts and skills you bring to film-making, what do you find energizes you most? What inspires you or compels you in your art form, and in what ways are you inspired?

To be honest I find most of my energy in my wife, she is constantly pushing me to pursue my dreams no matter what the cost.