2017 FilmSlam


A Contest to Make a Short Movie in 24 Hours


Here’s your chance to make a short movie – in only 24 hours – AND win cash prizes!



Check out the 2016 Film Slam Winning Submissions!

The Rules Are Simple:  


Teams – Gather a few of your friends to form a team and attend the FilmSlam Kickoff Meeting on Friday, March 31st at 8:00 pm at the Atlantic Highlands Arts Corner 135 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands. It’s FREE to participate!

Length – Films are limited to a 1:59 minute or less run time including Title and credits.

Content – At the FilmSlam Kickoff Meeting, competing teams will be assigned the same PROP, LINE OF DIALOGUE and LOCATION to include in each short film.

Deadline – Films must be completed within 24 hours and will be premiered — and judged — at the FilmOneFest Benefit Dinner on Saturday, April 1st at 8pm at the Beacon Hill Country Club, 8 Beacon Hill Road, Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Judging – At the benefit dinner premiere, cash prizes will be awarded by the judges to the top three winning teams based on: Originality, Creative Inclusion of Prop, Dialogue, Location Assignment; Production Value; and Strength of Storytelling.

Format – All films must be fully edited and saved on a DVD AND flash drive as .FLV, MPG, .MOV, .WMV, or .AVI file.

Screening – The top three winning entries will automatically be screened at this year’s FilmOneFest event.

International – If your team isn’t in New Jersey, but you’d like to participate in this year’s FilmSlam competition, WE WANT YOU TO PLAY WITH US! Here’s three easy rules on how to win a chance for cash prizes:

Registration – Fill out and submit the form below by 8pm EST on Friday, March 31st to register your team.


Return to this page on Friday, March 31, @ 8pm, to view the official line of dialogue, prop and location to include in your short film.

Upload and deliver your film no later than 7pm EST on Saturday, April 1st so it can be screened and judged at our premiere dinner.

The winners will be posted on this web page by noon EST, Sunday, April 2nd.


FilmOneFest is a production of the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  www.aharts.org