The 2014 FilmOneFest Mobile App

Re-Imagined as a Magazine

For 2014, the FilmOneFest mobile app has been re-imagined as a fresh new digital magazine on the PolyContent platform.

This year, the app is available on both iOS and Android. It is designed for tablets, but works on smartphones as well.
As in years past, the 2014 films can be viewed from within the app on tablets and smartphones, as well as from our new mobile optimized website. And if you use a smartphone to view the 2014 films on our site, you will be able to SMS vote the night of the festival.
But in addition, we are introducing a new concept: News items and posts discovered and curated from all over the web on the topic of film, video and all the pre and post production aspects of film making. This content is automatically discovered and added on a daily basis.
We will be adding more such auto-curated content categories to the FilmOneFest newsreader in the coming months, and hope this will become a “go-to” source for film enthusiasts and FilmOneFest fans.

How to Download

1.) Download the PolyContent App

click or tap to download from the iTunes App Store


click or tap to download from Google Play


2.) Open the FilmOneFest Newsreader Magazine

Tap on the magazine rack menu on the upper left,

and open the “FilmOneFest” newsreader

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 10, 2014, 12.12.14 PM