Benefit Screening Feb 26th

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Please join us on February 26th at 2pm at Atlantic Cinemas 5 in Atlantic Highlands for a pre-release screening of the SONY Pictures Classics film “Hysteria”. Tickets are $20 – all proceeds benefit the festival. We will also be collected dry goods and donations for the AH Food Bank.

Based on the true story of the doctor who invented the vibrator, the writes:

“Maggie Gyllenhaall and Hugh Dancy are going to have a scream this fall. The two stars headline the new film, “Hysteria,” that tackles the delicate narrative of the female orgasm in the advent of the vibrator. Set in Victorian-era England, Dancy and Jonathan Pryce are doctors treating female hysteria but are frustrated with their imperfect, crude methods. Thus, we welcome a primitive, though effective, vibrator. Gyllenhaal plays Pryce’s fiery daughter who bares witness to this female revolution. The trailer does not shy away from its subject matter, so loosen your girdle, things are about to heat up.”